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Prioritize, Minimize, Organize... I want fries!

One of my words for this year is prioritize.  And when I say prioritize I mean minimize and organize as well.  In all areas of my life.  I want my life to have real purpose.  I don't want it to be a bustle of chaotic activity that in the end really didn't add much to the quality of my life.  So, for this year, prioritize is a loaded word.  I want to joy, satisfaction and fulfillment with the things I choose to fill my life with.   So if that means learning to say no more often I want to learn to say no.  "NO!"  "No, thank you."  "Not at this time."  "No, but thank you for thinking of me."  I'll keep...

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Wait! Stop! I have to tell myself this more and more.  This ride called life keeps speeding up!  And it kicks into overdrive with the holidays.  My kids are growing up TOO fast and I don't want to miss it.  I don't want to miss the rest of life as well.  (And I don't want my kids to think that when you are a grown up holidays are just one big grumpy stress.)   So I'm sharing my reminder with you.   Pause as the crazy month starts.  Breath for a second and ask yourself a couple of questions.  Am I running like a chicken with it's head cut off? Am I enjoying this special holiday month or am I...

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