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Enjoy the Little Things!

Monday I was listening to the radio on the way to run a bunch of hurried errands. The DJ asked listeners to call in and say why they were grateful that it was Monday. Mondays aren't usually fun anyway and it was especially hard to get back into the swing of things after a much-needed and much-loved holiday break. So, as I continued to drive to the store I tried to think of reasons why I was glad it's Monday. As I was pulling into the parking lot and finding a space I saw an adorable little girl following her mom out from the store. She was carrying a long receipt from a cart full of groceries they had just...

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On the 12th day of Christmas - Traditions

Day 12 of Just Joy's Christmas Traditions Countdown:⁣⁣About the time I was in high school, my parents started hosting a Christmas Eve open house for some of the extended family. Over the years it became a much loved and looked forward to evening. Mom spent weeks cooking and baking for it. A few days before, my dad would start decorating their downstairs family room. He loved lights (I obviously inherited that from him) and would string them around the walls and windows making the room quite magical. Our whole family would crowd into this small room and have a wonderful meal followed by the littles acting out the Nativity, and then a talent program. There was a small gift for...

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On the 11th day of Christmas - Traditions

Day 11 of Just Joy's Christmas Traditions Countdown:⁣⁣I think most of us would agree that the greatest Christmas story we can share with our families is the story told in the Bible in Luke 2. The story of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. There are many other stories as well that have become traditions on our family, 24 to be exact. Years ago my sister and brother in law gave us a Christmas countdown that is a collection of stories along with a song and scripture for every day in December up to the 25th. Every night before bed we light our Christmas countdown candle and read a story. I have read these stories every year for 13+...

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On the 10th day of Christmas - Traditions

Day 10 of Just Joy's Christmas Tradition Countdown:⁣⁣Christmas Eve has always been huge in my family. SO many Traditions related to that. But whenever I think about what treat I want to bring for the Christmas Eve party I always remember my Grandma making caramel covered marshmallows. I don't think I have ever seen it anywhere else or know of anyone else that makes them but I think it was my favorite treat out of all of the amazing goodies. My Grandma loved to cook and spent WEEKS preparing food and treats for the big night. I'm not even sure I have her recipe for the caramel topping and I'm not a good cook so I'm not sure I could...

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On the 9th day of Christmas - Traditions

Day 9 of Just Joy's Christmas Traditions Countdown:⁣⁣About fifteen years ago I decided to attempt putting together my parent's history. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I wanted to try. It was like pulling teeth to get information from them about their lives. They didn't think there was anything interesting enough to record. I started in the summer and would give them each a list of 10 questions about a certain time frame in their lives. I would give them a week or so to write the answers and give them to me and then I would give them ten more. In about November, I put both booklets together along with what pictures I could find. I...

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