On the 9th day of Christmas - Traditions

Day 9 of Just Joy's Christmas Traditions Countdown:⁣

About fifteen years ago I decided to attempt putting together my parent's history. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I wanted to try. It was like pulling teeth to get information from them about their lives. They didn't think there was anything interesting enough to record. I started in the summer and would give them each a list of 10 questions about a certain time frame in their lives. I would give them a week or so to write the answers and give them to me and then I would give them ten more. In about November, I put both booklets together along with what pictures I could find. I had copies made for each of my four brothers along with my parents. I had a spiral binding put on them. At our Christmas dinner I was able to give each of them a life history of our parents. It was a lot of work but it was so rewarding. Both of my parents passed away in 2013 so these booklets have become even more of a treasure. ⁣

What is your favorite gift that you have given to someone else?⁣


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