Enjoy the Little Things!

Monday I was listening to the radio on the way to run a bunch of hurried errands. The DJ asked listeners to call in and say why they were grateful that it was Monday. Mondays aren't usually fun anyway and it was especially hard to get back into the swing of things after a much-needed and much-loved holiday break. So, as I continued to drive to the store I tried to think of reasons why I was glad it's Monday. As I was pulling into the parking lot and finding a space I saw an adorable little girl following her mom out from the store. She was carrying a long receipt from a cart full of groceries they had just purchased.  She was absolutely delighted and enthralled as she watched it twirl and dance in the slight breeze that was blowing. This is one of many times that a little one has reminded me to be grateful and happy about the little things in life.  They find the joy in the simple things.  I love seeing these moments and having these reminders! And I will admit that when I came out of the grocery store I held my up receipt and let it dance a little in the wind.
I hope now that my receipts will always remind me of that little girl and those wonderful little moments!

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