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Why are we here??

Joy. According to the dictionary, joy Is “a great feeling of pleasure and happiness, a desire to rejoice.” I feel, deep in my heart, that we are all on this planet so that we might have joy. I can tell you right off that the two things that bring the most joy to my life are my family and my faith. That encompasses a lot of territory.But there are also small moments in our days and lives that can still be considered joy. For instance, I remember a Sunday a few years ago. Most of our family had met for dinner. It was in the spring, a cloudy slightly breezy day. We were all sitting out in our front yard. I...

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Joy Is a Decision

It's funny how perspective changes with every year older we get. I am learning that joy really is a choice. Sometimes life is hard and it's so much easier to let life's struggles and trials get the best of us.⁣⁣⁣⁣Almost five years ago I went through a trial that tested me to my very core. It tested my physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. The crazy thing is, I was able to find joy during that time. My family, friends and faith were a major part of that because of their help and prayers. Today, 5 years later, there are a couple small remnants of the struggles of that time that we still deal with but overall life has almost returned...

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