Why are we here??

Joy. According to the dictionary, joy Is “a great feeling of pleasure and happiness, a desire to rejoice.” 

I feel, deep in my heart, that we are all on this planet so that we might have joy. I can tell you right off that the two things that bring the most joy to my life are my family and my faith. That encompasses a lot of territory.

But there are also small moments in our days and lives that can still be considered joy. For instance, I remember a Sunday a few years ago. Most of our family had met for dinner. It was in the spring, a cloudy slightly breezy day. We were all sitting out in our front yard. I remember looking around at my family. My three beautiful daughters were sitting together on the lawn talking, my two handsome sons in law were sitting in chairs laughing and talking, probably about cars or hunting. The grandkids were running and playing all around us. I was sitting, holding hands, with my husband. I just remember looking around and seeing a lot of happy smiling faces. For that moment everything was good and I felt joy.

Another time was on a hike in southern Utah when we took a moment to stop, hear the silence, and gaze at some of the most unique beautiful country God has created. I felt joy. 

On the lane where we live we do a flag raising ceremony every July 4th. My father was a WWll veteran. He could never get through the pledge of allegiance without getting teary eyed. When I stood next to him, with my hand over my heart, I felt joy.

Sure there is plenty of stuff that brings stress, sorrow, and pain. But if we keep our eyes and our hearts open, and look hard enough, joy can be found all around us.  Maybe for a small moment and maybe through out a lifetime.  Look for it.

What makes your heart rejoice?


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