Feel the Joy

The last two weeks have been very stressful. I have found myself having panic attacks and mini breakdowns. ⁣

It sucks to feel like we are trapped in a whirlwind. ⁣

It sucks to not know up from down. ⁣

It sucks to feel out of control. ⁣

And it sucks to feel like there’s no hope. ⁣

Most of the time we don’t know how to stop this feeling. We don’t know how to find peace and feel better. ⁣

But guess what? There are ways to calm our nervous system and to feel better. We can and should, as often as possible, hit the pause button and take five minutes to find our center. ⁣

Wherever you are (home, the car, the doctor’s office, work, etc.) stop and relax, breathe and be present in the now. Become aware of your breathing by taking 10 deep breaths. Bask in the peace and joy that you feel.⁣

Stop trying to control everything! Let that concept go! Ask yourself, “What am I trying to control?” Trust yourself. Relax, soften and just be. Pause and pay attention to how you feel.⁣

I hope this helps you when life does get crazy. Just breathe and know that things will get better!⁣


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