You Have to Learn to Laugh

I've been visiting the chiropractor a lot lately because basically my neck curves where it shouldn't and is straight where it should curve. Sounds a lot like the rest of my body! 😘 Well.. I am still trying to learn to relax as my body is twisted and cracked in ways I don't twist and crack. I usually hold my breath and tense up but I decided this wasn't helping and I made up my mind to just let it go and breath naturally as he worked on my back. This was a HUGE mistake. The startling and horrifically embarrassing sound that came from my mouth as the air was forced from my lungs was some sort of awful mix of a very unladylike cough, snort and well, ahem, another unfortunate sound. 😳 Umm... did my mouth really just produce that sound?!?!? I thought awfully hard about finding a new Chiropractor but I am sure he's used to that sort of thing....right??😯 ⁣ is everyone else's Wednesday going? 😏⁣


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