What is Patina anyway??

Have you ever wondered what a patina finish is? Is it paint? Is it a stain? Well we have some answers for you!

You may have noticed that quite often we refer to some of our products having a "rust patina".  That's because we LOVE the effect this gives the steel.  Patina is very different from paint.  It causes a chemical reaction that brings out the individual color. 

We have found that each piece of steel has it's own "personality".  When the patina is applied to one piece, it may turn a beautiful solid color of rust.  When applied to another piece, it may turn several shades giving it almost a marble look. Sometimes you can even see shades of green and turquoise.

That's the fun of it all!  We never know exactly what each piece is going to do.  When a clear coat of paint is applied, it seals the patina and usually takes it to an even darker shade. So you can see why we love the patina finish. The mystery of how each piece will react is a fun step in the creative process! 

So now you know!

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