The lady behind it all

Janean, the lady behind this fun and crazy adventure called Just Joy! Just Joy was my mom's idea and dream. A dream she has had for a long time. A dream she has worked on for years and is now making it come true.

Let me tell you a little about my mom. She is an angel. She is soft spoken, kind, loving, dedicated, creative and driven. She has stood with and supported my dad (@dantoonemetalsculpture) in his artistic goals and dreams and it has been so fun to see her get her chance to express her artistic self and create amazing home decor that we get to share with you! All if the items above are her designs and she has handcrafted them with my dad!❤️

My mom is the holiday queen and every holiday was magical in our house. I have so many memories of pulling out boxes of decorations for almost every holiday and turning our house into a festive wonderland. Every holiday was filled with decor, festive food and fun activities. It really was magical. My siblings and I are so blessed to call her mom!

- Jodee

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