Thanksgiving Traditions

I’ve had this little Hallmark Thanksgiving sign for probably 25 years or more. It’s still one of my favorite decorations. Whether you have a house full of guests or you are celebrating Thanksgiving with one person close to you, it’s nice to make the day special with favorite traditions!

Here are five of ours:

1- When our children were quite young, we would have our own little Thanksgiving feast a few days before we met with extended family. Each of us had an assignment for the meal, from helping mom or dad with a side dish or dessert to folding napkins and helping to set the table.

2- At the beginning of November, we would make a tree on poster board and hang in the kitchen. All through the month we would write things we were thankful for on paper leaves and glue them to the tree.

3- Our grandkids like to sit at their own table. The table is covered with butcher paper with crayons spread out. Throughout the day they can draw pictures and write things they are thankful for.

4- Before dinner, we have a “turkey hunt”. The dad’s have a paper target pinned on them and the grandkids get to hunt them with Nerf guns!

5- Thanksgiving night we bring up the Christmas tree and the grandkids help us decorate it.

Now here’s two questions for you. What is one of your favorite traditions? Do you know how it got started?

Wishing you a joyful November!


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