Parenting Fact

I was at my chiropractic appointment yesterday relaxing on the TENS unit table next to a very cute mom and her chattering son (we'll call him... Henry). He quieted for a minute, I'm assuming to watch a commercial, and then said, "Mom, you should try exercising. Then maybe your tummy wouldn't be so big." I heard a muffled, "Thanks, Henry". 😟⁣
I had to chuckle because my adorable little one likes to come up and rub his hands into my stomach and tell me how much he likes my "squishy tummy". Adorable eh?.....To Henry's credit he did follow up with "But I love all of you mom!"❀️

So here's to Henry's mom and all of the rest of us with kids that are extra honest and occasionally too vocal. 😍😏⁣ ⁣


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