On the 5th day of Christmas - Traditions

Day 5 of Just Joy's Christmas Tradition Countdown:⁣

This fun tradition actually started at extended family baby and wedding showers but we love it so much we've incorporated it into our Christmas Eve fun and include all of the menfolk and older grandkids. ⁣

We have multiple tables set up with sets of dice on each table. Mom calls out different combinations of numbers and we take turns at each table rolling as fast as we can trying to get those numbers. When we get the called-out number we run as fast as we can to a pile of presents and grab one and bring it back to our table. Once all the presents are gone the real fun begins. You can take any present from anyone at any table. What was once a mild shower game has turned into something resembling some combination of wrestling, football, and in some cases some serious gymnastics. We are all sweating and doubled over in laughter by the end of the game. ⁣
These are the things that create close bonds and cherished memories! I love my family!!⁣


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