On the 3rd day of Christmas - Traditions

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Day 3 of Just Joy's Christmas Traditions Countdown:⁣⁣
I don't know that I could pick a favorite song out of all of the wonderful Christmas carols out there. But whenever I hear any of the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas songs I think back to when I was a kid and my mom and dad were asked to be in charge of the annual Christmas slideshow for our church. They did this for quite a few years. They would spend hours and hours collecting pictures of families and church activities and getting them in just the right order. Then they would run through it countless times calculating how long to show each picture so it lined up perfectly with the music. Their slideshow included many of those Mannheim Steamroller songs and always ended with their rendition of Silent Night. This was a huge service that my parents provided and was treasured by the church members each year! I go back to those memories every time I hear those songs!⁣⁣
Do you have a favorite Christmas song?⁣⁣

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