Memorial Day

Growing up in a simpler time, Memorial Day (or as my parents called it "Decoration Day") was a time to well, remember.  A time to remember grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even a sister by placing beautiful flowers on their graves.  Even just thinking about Memorial Day I can smell carnations, and see daisies, iris, and mums.  The cemetery was covered with not only colorful flowers but also flags to remember the men and women who served our country, some of them giving the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.

It was a time to remember with love, with honor, and with respect.

But it was also a time to celebrate.  It was a celebration of freedom, families, and summer!

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer.  It's time for picnics under a shady tree, barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs, swimming in the pool or the lake, homemade ice cream, gardening, farmers markets, relaxing on the porch, fireworks, and lazy nights on a blanket watching for shooting stars.

We can't wait!!

We hope you will take time this weekend to gather together with your loved ones and remember.  Remember those from our past that shaped who we are today. Then--start making some new memories of your own!  Whether we mean to or if it just happens, we're making memories every day.  Make some fun ones this weekend!!

We hope it will be a safe and happy celebration of freedom and the joy of summer. 

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