Making Memories - Thanksgiving or anytime!

In all the rush getting ready for the big day we hope you are thinking about how to make some memories as well.  We have a few suggestions to help!

Group Gratitude:
Grab a notebook to pass around the family for each member to write down a memory they are thankful for.  This could be a simple one time thing or you could find a nice bound notebook that can be tucked away with the decorations to bring out each year.  It would be extra fun to read what everyone wrote the year before!  

Gratitude Out Loud:
Bring a recorder to the feast and let the older generation (or everyone!) voice their memories of Thanksgivings past. Record Grandpa or Grandma telling their favorite stories or memories of growing up and if you have someone willing to make copies or type up the treasures you can share them with all of the family! You might be surprised at what you learn! 

Gratitude Art: 
We mentioned that in our family we love to roll out a big sheet of paper for the tablecloth and let the kids (and adults!) write or draw pictures of the things that we are grateful for.  This fun for the artists at heart, the doodlers, and just great entertainment to keep the little ones entertained while the other guests are arriving.   

Gratitude Gift:
Buy or make a Thank You card (an oversized card? Multiple cards?) for everyone to sign.  Pick someone who has made a difference in the lives of your family (an old neighbor, a bishop or pastor, a relative that couldn't make it to the family gathering) and tell them how much you appreciate them and what they have meant to your family.  What a way to make someone's holiday!

Whatever fun activities you come up with we hope you'll enjoy time with family and friends making memories. 


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