Ladies of Just Joy - Janean

Happy Fall to all of you!  Fall seems to bring a reflection on all of the wonderful blessings we have in our lives.  Maybe that's why we like it so much!  

We wanted to thank all of you for your support of our little family business.  Maybe this is a good time to let you know a little bit more about each of us.

I'll go first.  I'm the proud mom in this group.  I couldn't be happier than to be following this dream with my beautiful daughters.   My husband and I are blessed with three daughters and one very handsome son.  We are also blessed with nine of the most amazing grandchildren in the world!  Our family is our life.  They are what bring us true joy.  

At this stage in my life, I realize how important the simple things in life are.  It seems to me that the simple things tend to make the best memories.  Let me share one of my favorite fall memories....

There are many, many things I love about fall.  I love to see the colors of the changing leaves.  I love the smells of fresh baking and spiced apple juice warming in the crockpot.  I love the welcome feel of cool crisp mornings as the season changes. 

We have two apple trees in our back yard, one red delicious and one golden delicious.  Around the first of October they get sweet and juicy.  One of my favorite memories when our kids were young is picking fresh apples off the tree and gathering around the table.  I would slice up those crispy apples and give each child (and Dan and I!) a plate with the apple slices and a small cup of warm carmel.  We would sit together dipping the apple slices and savoring the carmel.  We would talk about the coming months and the coming holidays and plan what activities we wanted to do.  

Now my kids are grown and have families of their own but I still love to have a basket of fresh apples on hand.  Sometimes the apples and caramel are a treat just for Dan and I, and sometimes it's a treat for a new generation of littles.  Simple times, simple traditions, wonderful memories! 


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