Keep your Face toward the Sunshine

My husband and I like to listen to books while we're on a road trip. Recently we listened to "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy. It's a great read/listen and I highly recommend it.⁣

One of my favorite parts is when he compares our mind to an empty glass. The effect of constantly listening to the news and the radio talk shows, along with any negative programming, is like filling the glass with dirty water. It tends to focus on the negative, the sensational, the shocking. I agree completely. How many times do you come away from watching or reading the news feeling uplifted, encouraged, and at peace?? But, he states, at the same time there are countless wonderful, amazing things going on around the world but nobody ever hears about it. He then explained that by filling our minds with positive, encouraging, and uplifting things, it's like flushing out the dirty water and replacing it with clean clear water. That made a lot of sense to me and it's a great visual. ⁣

At Just Joy we like to focus on the positive so we'd like to enlist you all as "roving reporters". We want all of us to be on the lookout for ANYTHING positive we see, hear, or experience! Then, we want us all to share it! Nothing is too big or too small. Let's start spreading more light in an ever darkening world! ⁣
So here's my good news moment for the day: We've had some pretty good snowstorms here in the last month. Time and time again, I have seen a neighbor stop and help another neighbor clear their driveway and then the two of them go on to help the next neighbor, and so on and so on until all the driveways on our street were clear. The Golden Rule really works!!

What is your Good News report for today? Do share!⁣


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