January Blah's

I finally got all the lights and decorations of Christmas somewhat neatly packed away. It's such a good thing to have done but boy I miss the light, the color, the music, and the festivities of December.  It can make January feel pretty cold, quiet and gray. I read something though a few years back that has changed my outlook on January gray. I was doing some research for a little art project and came across an article that told about the benefits of using gray as a background in a painting or photograph. Simply put, gray, dark or light, makes other colors pop!  So why not use those gray skies for inspiration? If looking out your window gets you down, add some bright fresh flowers to your living space or office.  Fill a basket with colorful fresh fruit for your kitchen table or counter. Wear the most colorful outfit in your closet!

Soon enough the gray skies will clear and spring will be in the air. But in the meantime, look for color wherever you are and don't be afraid to appreciate it against January gray! 


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