Guilty child/Sneaky mom

No interrogation needed with this highly refined technique😏. When it's too quiet and you get that mom sense that they are getting into trouble just pull out the ninja moves and slip in from behind and watch the reaction.🕵 You'll either get a "oh, hi Mom" or you will have to peel them off the ceiling. My middle child is the most entertaining with this but I did get an awesome reaction from my daughter once too. She was in trouble and stomped up to her room. After a minute I could hear talking and I walked upstairs to see who she was talking to. She was ranting incoherently and I stood for a minute trying to make out what she was going on about. She suddenly saw me out of the corner of her eye and half screamed and half melted into the floor and then started laughing uncontrollably at being caught. Bwahhahhahhahh. I love being a parent!⁣😉😍😂 Any other parent ninja's out there? ✋


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