Blessing in Everything

I remember a December day back when my kids were still pretty young. I was having a bad day and everything seemed wrong, hard, and frustrating. I was driving on the freeway to run some errands and complaining in my mind about pretty much everything I could think of. Then, for some reason I thought, " least the roads are dry. I hate driving on slick roads." Then a minute later I thought, "At least the kids aren't sick. I hate it when the kids are sick at Christmas time." That was about all it took for my thoughts to suddenly change directions and begin finding things to be grateful for. In fact, in less than five minutes, I had tears in my eyes realizing how much I had to be thankful for.⁣

It isn't always easy when you are surrounded with difficulties, especially serious ones, to look for the blessings in it all. It might even feel like you need a magnifying glass to see anything good. But gratitude has a way of growing and multiplying--fast! Yes, it can take some training. But it's well worth the effort!⁣

What helps you look for blessings in good times and bad?⁣


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